The name Creative Spirit Collaborative was chosen to represent the healing capacity of each person’s own creativity. The unique heart spark within each person is integrated with community, all of which is essential to healing and evolution.  Initially we started out as Creative Spirit Counseling when it was just Rachelle doing counseling on her own.  In 2018, Rachelle had the intention to begin to invite a community of healing practitioners together to attempt to change the traditional medical model mental health paradigm.

Building this Collaborative is an ongoing process and we are still in our infancy and learning a lot about what Collaborative means.  We often get asked the question, “What does Collaborative mean?” Our understanding and manifestation of building a Collaborative is evolving.  The primary intention behind the Collaborative is to work collaboratively with our clients to destigmatize and redefine what mental health means rather than adhere to the traditional medical model where the therapist is often viewed by the medical community as the ’expert‘.  Collaborative means acknowledging that each person is the expert at themselves and we are all working toward the same goal and as professionals we are intending to support you on your personal healing path.  Inherent in the idea of the Collaborative is commitment to communication, listening to what is needed, seeing relationship as a continual opportunity for evolution for all of us even when it gets challenging.

Collaborative also refers to community. Thích Nhất Hạnh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, poet, peace activist, and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr in 1967, has been quoted as saying that the next Buddha is Sangha.  We take that powerful statement to mean that community will be a significant healing and evolutionary force for humanity in the future.  Collaborative also means inviting family and friends into a person’s healing process as each person feels it would be supportive to their journey.  Creative Spirit Collaborative also implies that we are in collaboration not only with people but with each person’s creative expression and their spirit.  The Collaborative is meant to build community through therapeutic groups and to invite clients to share their gifts with Creative Spirit Collaborative and the larger Eugene community.

The final essential piece to the meaning of Creative Spirit Collaborative is that as humans, we must acknowledge that our wellbeing and the wellbeing of all species is interdependent.  Creative Spirit Collaborative holds that healing also comes from collaborating with the Earth and the animals, the environment, the ecosystems in which we are immersed and allowing ourselves to be inspired and guided by the creative spark within nature.

Ultimately, the intention for the Collaborative is finding a way to support people who are in need of support without stigma and without the use of corporate conglomerate capitalist insurance companies and in a way that is sustainable for everyone involved.  Collaboration often challenges us to be open to new ideas and think and act outside of the box.  We are all in this together, our community is responsible for creating healing opportunities for its members.