Rachelle Cornelius

“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.  All things break.  And all things can be mended….Not with time, as they say, but with intention.  So go.  Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.  The broken world awaits in darkness for the light that is you.” ~L.R. Knost

I am the owner of Creative Spirit Collaborative and the Executive Director of Foundation for Alternative Healing, as well as counselor and coach with specialties in Somatic, Nature, Expressive Arts, Animal Facilitated, and Mindfulness based therapies. 

My life long history with dance and befriending the earth and animals from a young age has inspired the approaches used at CSC. My interests in natural healing, movement, and connection with the earth deepened during my academic work.  My Master’s Degree from Naropa University in Wilderness Therapy was founded on Transpersonal Psychology, the psychology and application of the therapeutic use of meditation and mindfulness practices in conjunction with nature based therapeutic activities and incorporated aspects of expressive arts and movement based approaches as well.  My Bachelor’s Degree from Bastyr University emphasized nutrition, exercise, and alternative healing practices.

I recently completed a year long nature based meditation training, Awake in the Wild Teacher Training with Mark Coleman.  I have also studied yoga philosophy in depth since 2010 with teacher Dave Curtis’s Aksara Yoga and have had an ongoing yoga and meditation practice since 2000. I began regular wilderness solos in 2005 and have done wilderness solos and training with John P Milton’s Sacred Passages, Dave Talamo’s Wilderness Reflections, and Anne Stine’s Wilderness Rites.  I have also had additional training as a life wellness coach from WellCoaches.

I work with a wide variety of people but have specialized experience working with adults who are talented and gifted in unusual and creative ways and healthcare providers (I have a background in emergency medical services and am uniquely suited to understand the stressors and medical language of the field) as well as adults who are experiencing chronic or terminal illness, spiritual emergence, social, environmental, or existential concerns, or those in long term recovery from eating disorders or addiction. I am available for individual counseling, coaching, community therapeutic groups, workshops, and retreats as well as meditation facilitation.

“Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine.” ~Carl Jung

For more info or to schedule with Rachelle, email [email protected]

Jonathan Stemer

“ Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you built against it. “~Rumi.  

As your guide, I bring 25 years of experience in the mental health field working with people of all ages and different backgrounds representing diverse therapeutic issues. My counseling practice is holistic, integrative and transpersonal focusing on the whole person and emphasizing a heart-centered approach that recognizes the wisdom within each person to guide their life. I value the therapeutic relationship and its potential to contribute to healing and transformation. By offering a compassionate presence, open heart, deep listening, acceptance without judgment and an ability to hold space for the parts of you that are often most vulnerable, a safe place will be created for you to do this sacred work of healing. 

My professional experience is supported and informed by over 30 years of personal study and practice of meditation within different wisdom traditions focusing on the heart and it’s wisdom for inner guidance. I’ve been exploring various movement practices including dance and tai chi for the past 10 years. I look for ways to incorporate these into the work with clients helping them more consciously embody and integrate different parts and aspects of themselves. I studied yoga philosophy and psychology with Baba Hari Dass from 1990-92, Chen tai chi with Master Chen Gui Zhen in 2009 and have continued with this practice for the past 10 years which has aided in managing stress, relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. From 1996-97, I studied at the California Institute of Integral Studies focusing on courses in transpersonal psychology, eastern and western theories of mind and expressive arts therapy as a way to further my interest in discovering ways to bring more of a body/mind/spirit approach to counseling. From 2003-2010, I produced and hosted a local community television program in Eugene called, The Healing Connection focusing on healing practitioners with an emphasis on the body/mind/spirit. In the past 6 years, as I’ve been going through a grieving process, I’ve participated in community grief rituals with Sobonfu Some, Rob Miller and Laurence Cole. These experiences have shown me the power of grieving and allowed me to see the vital role of community in healing.

For more info or to schedule with Jonathan, email [email protected]

Robyn Heydari

I work primarily from an Multi and Inter-Modal Expressive Arts lens.  I will invite you to get in touch with your creativity as we explore different mediums. Using an inter-modal approach means that we might move from one form of expression to another, perhaps even several times in the course of a session. Some processes we may explore include mixed-media experimentation, sandtray work, mindfulness practice, dreamwork, creative writing, movement, sound, play, and imaginative expression.

Expressive Arts Therapy is a trauma-informed practice.  It allows us to explore inner material as gently or as deeply as we feel ready for, at our own pace, and in our own unique way.  Inter-modal practice may lead us to examine our beliefs and experiences, call upon our ancestors, dive into our cultural backgrounds, our spiritual beliefs, and perhaps our dreams and intuition.  This allows a space to open up where we can come to know ourselves more deeply, trust ourselves more fully, and develop tools to help us carry this strength into the world.

Expressive Arts Therapy is more than making art for coping and self-care.  Yes, making art IS an excellent coping tool, but Expressive Arts Practice takes us much deeper into our work.  Through processing in the therapeutic space, as well as making room for expression in our daily lives, we can tap into our creative source from which change can flow.  When we hold space for our creativity to flourish without judgement, we can communicate with unconscious and hidden parts of ourselves.  Through this, we can know ourselves better, and perhaps reconnect with parts of ourselves that we may have lost touch with over time.  Sometimes these processes can be surprising and take us in completely different directions than we expected – and that’s okay – when we learn to trust ourselves and follow our innate wisdom, we can always find our way!

I believe therapy should be collaborative and non-authoritative. We will work together as allies, mutually invested in your growth.  I have over 12 years of experience working in community mental health with people from many different backgrounds.  One thing I have learned from my own experiences with the mental health system, as well as the experiences of my clients, is that receiving mental health services can sometimes feel dehumanizing and dismissive.  I aim to not do that.  I will not pathologize you, analyze you, or otherwise disrespect you.  Of course, to err is human, and thus, I welcome your feedback at all times.  I believe therapy is a relationship, and so I recognize that it is my responsibility to be open to change, just as I ask my clients to be when they step into the therapeutic space.

I greatly enjoy working with teens, especially those who may be hesitant to try therapy. I also welcome survivors of trauma to reach out so we can discuss what trauma-informed therapy is and why it is important for survivors to seek a counselor who is properly trained to work with their needs.  Whether or not you choose to work with me, I would like to help you find someone qualified to truly help in your healing journey.  While teens and survivors are populations I specialize in, I am open to working with people from all different backgrounds.  Please contact me for a consultation to learn more about how my approach is different.

For more info or to schedule with Robyn, email robyn@creativespiritcollaborative.com


Welcome. We are a small group practice looking to grow into a cooperative healing center and we are inviting practitioners to join us in that growth process. Please take a look at our website to see if our vision might be a good fit. We are looking for a diverse group of people with different perspectives and voices offering something different for our clients. https://creativespiritcollaborative.com/

*Work from home (during COVID)
*Be part of building a creative, contemplative, collaborative team of professionals seeking to change the paradigm of mental health
*Unique monthly consult specifically discussing the use of alternative modalities for client concerns
*Training and support meetings as needed
*Opportunity for growth to create, lead, and participate in quarterly peer led in-service trainings about alternative modalities
*Opportunity to create, lead, and participate in therapeutic groups at CSC for clients, general public, and other therapists
*CSC will manage marketing, credentialing, contracting, and billing insurance companies so therapists can maintain focus on clients
*Maintain independent control over your caseload and schedule
*After 6 months of work, Professional Development assistance for continuing education for alternative modalities.

*After 1 month full-time work, health insurance covered by CSC at 50%.
*Opportunity to contribute blogs/vlogs and resources about alternative therapies and that support awareness of the impact of social and environmental justice issues.

*Master’s or PsyD/PhD and Licensed in the state of Oregon, LPC, LCSW, LMFT and experience in individual mental health counseling (Will consider pre-licensed with 500 hours or less to complete licensure and training below)
*Have graduate or post-grad training or certification and experience with 1 or more of the following modalities:
*Transpersonal Psychology
*Ecopsychology/Ecotherapy (including animal assisted therapy)
*Somatic Therapy
*Expressive Arts Therapy
*Or other similar alternative therapeutic modalities
*Motivated, enthusiastic, innovative, creative, attuned, and sensitive with what you offer clients and what you bring to our work towards changing the paradigm of mental health and ability to build good rapport with clients
*Self-directed, technology savvy, detail oriented, quick learner for working independently with the software programs we use and good verbal and written communication skills
*Have your own established and regular creative, somatic, and mindfulness practices

*Intake for new clients-contacting new clients, screening, assessing appropriateness, creating client file
*Assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan, progress notes, scheduling, and charging clients for each session

*Please email cover letter with attached resume or CV
*Please NO phone calls, email inquiries only. Local applications only or willingness to relocate to Eugene.