Late winter can be a surprisingly challenging time for us. In this season of transition, we are called to embrace both patience and inspiration: patience, as we allow ourselves the time and space to reacquaint with activity and light, and patience as we wait for the warmth of the growing season; and inspiration, as we draw upon the energy of the awakening world around us to fuel creation and growth (both in and around us). By embracing the lessons of the changing seasons, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world, leading to greater wholeness and well-being as we traverse uncertain times.

Some people might feel a sense of impending dread as winter begins to slip away, while others may long for the warm, light of late spring. Also, let’s go ahead and name it: for many of us, there’s a background feeling of ominous apprehension about the future, so how do we balance that too? The good news is you’re not alone. In addition to others who share this experience, we can also look to nature for support. She doesn’t fight the contrasting weather as warm sun gives way to cold rain and back again; she allows herself to get messy as parts of her comes apart, because she knows the life-giving nourishment provided each time she breaks open; and she has the patient perspective of eons, trusting in cycles within cycles, without rushing or hurrying. If you find yourself needing support during winter’s transmutation into spring (or for any other reason), you might consider a few timeless practices for finding your center:

1. Sit by a fire. During the summer we receive all the elemental fire we need from the light and heat of the sun. However the dark, cold days of winter can deplete our inner sense of fire and “temperature.” Esoterically, fire cleanses purifies our energy field, our emotions, and our minds–some of the many reasons it feels so good to sit and gaze into a fire. People have been interacting with controlled fire for over a million years, so we connect with a primal experience each time we connect with fire. If you can, sit near a wood-burning fire and breathe consciously and deeply. If you can’t, even sitting near a few candles can be a helpful energetic bath.

2. Practice intentionality through ritual. While it’s nearly always a good time for ritual work, pausing for intentional, mindful practice can help us cultivate a baseline sense of calm and centeredness that carries through the energies of spring (and beyond). Lighting a candle, pulling an oracle card, lighting incense, meditating, and honoring ancestors and guides are all ways we can ritualize small moments in our full lives. When we practice ritual, we also calm the parts of the brain that spark anxiety about the unknown, reminding us of the wealth of inner community that’s always present. The more consistent we are with spiritual practice, the more powerful the results–both inner and outer–become.

3. Listen to your body (and rest). We hope you continue to find ways to honor and listen to your body–especially when it comes to allowing time and space for rest. We honor that not everyone has the same flexibility or comfort; we also encourage you to take advantage of opportunities you do have to replenish your energies (mentally, emotionally, and physically). You have our permission to sleep, meditate, walk in nature, and practice the other things that retrieve and replenish your sense of vitality. If you’re feeling the energy and need to move, we hope you follow that urge too!

4. Lean into community. The divisive narrative of media today can quickly pull us into a kind of isolated confusion, and cause us to forget one of the most important facets of being human: we’re deeply interconnected. When we lean into the support of community, we’re reminded that we don’t have to figure everything out alone, and that others share our fears, our worries, our suffering, and also our joys, passions, and curiosities. We get it–it can be scary to be vulnerable with others (especially those we don’t know), and the disruption of the pandemic has made community and connection challenging for many. However, the greatest resource we have might actually be each other.

Whether you’re seeking new community and need a safe space, or you’re looking to deepen your practices, we’d love to see you Creative Spirit Collaborative events! We invite you to join us for any of our offerings in the months ahead, where we’ll be practicing many of the suggestions above in community. Our offerings are often insurance-eligible and we are always looking for new ways to collaborate with other groups in the area (so reach out to us if you’re interested!) Until we see you in circle, may you be replenished and at peace.