Each of us has an incredibly unique path toward health and healing. While our wellness journeys ultimately begin and end with each of us individually, the presence of community is vitally important along the way! Often the simple act of mindfully sharing space with others is healing in itself; coming together in common purpose and practice helps us remember our connection with something greater than ourselves. Group learning and healing also provides us both support and sounding boards for our inner experiences, giving us the opportunity to reflect and bring forth our unique wisdom.

Since Summer last year (2022), we’ve seen tremendous growth in our community group attendance (and growth in the people attending :). In fact, we’re already looking for bigger spaces, as our community room only fits about 12 people! Keeping with the four pillars of our approach to health and wellness, our groups will continue to incorporate Somatics, Ecopsychology, Transpersonal, and Expressive Arts, and will flow with the seasonal changes as they unfold. Each of us at CSC is united in these principles, and yet we all bring special, powerful methods, practices, and perspectives to our community through our classes, workshops, and retreats. Here’s what’s in store for the beginning for 2023:

REIKI & SOUND – Drawing upon Tibetan, Shamanic, & Elemental influences, this sonic healing experience incorporates ancient instruments and hands on healing. These classes calm the brain and body, while relaxing and opening the mind, emotions, and energy field.

honoring the moon

HONORING THE MOON IN RITUAL – A blend of pagan rituals, earth based traditions, astrology, yoga, introspective journaling, & community, in honor of the cycles & energies of our natural satellite. These classes help us align with greater phenomena than ourselves, and center in gratitude and clarity along the way.

breathwork journey

BREATHWORK JOURNEY – A monthly series that draws upon specific breathing practices to facilitate an inner, meditative experience while actively engaging the body, through yogic breathing techniques, breath retention, Wim Hoff Method (WHIM) style exercises, rebirthing, and psychotropic breathwork.

ARCHETYPES & INNER JOURNEYING. – A monthly workshop series focused upon developing & deepening our relationships with symbolic resources, & connecting to universal themes in our lives. Well develop & practice a toolkit of consciousness-shifting techniques that weave meaning & materiality, & offer access to inner landscapes.

tending the soul

TENDING THE SOUL – This 8-week class will cultivate conscious connection within & with others through poetry, guided imagery, mandala making, & journaling. This weekly experience will help awaken and hone Expressive Arts as tools for reflection, clarity, and connection with our sense of inner wholeness.

NATURE AS TEACHER & HEALER. – A monthly guided workshop series of mindful nature immersion, exploring the healing & transformative properties of the natural world with practices you can take home. These workshops incorporate the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of the elements, as well as ancient practices and perspectives.

We’ve also been hard at work updating our registration system, making it easier to sign-up, pay, and even sponsor others for our community offerings! To explore and register for our current groups and classes, visit our Community Services page. There you can find details about each class/workshop, register/pay for groups, and discover new offerings coming soon.

If you want to stay in the loop with future offerings, you can sign up for our quarterly newsletter, or follow us and check out our events on Facebook. (Remember, FB events are ways we get the word out and registration must be completed through our Community Services page in order to guarantee your spot.)

We look forward to seeing you at our groups soon!