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Imaging counseling outside the box. At CSC we believe that everyone has a unique spark to discover within themselves, an innate capability for healing, and personal lessons from life experiences to discover along the way.  These components make up our meaningful life purpose which are essential in navigating our way out of suffering. At CSC we help to make sense of, integrate, and balance these components.

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Your Unique Life Expression is Within

We offer inspirational, creative, mindful opportunities with a Transpersonal and Integrative orientation in counseling to heal those aspects of ourselves that have often not been well supported in our families, communities or society.  In our role as mentor or guide we seek to understand the roots of suffering in each person’s life and inspire, empower, and transform rather than pathologize.

When to Choose Counseling

Counseling is for when suffering takes the foreground of someone’s life the majority of the time and obstacles appear as barriers that feel insurmountable whereas potential or possibility feels more obscured in the background.  Someone seeking counseling may recognize that many aspects of their life feel out of balance or there are some significant pieces missing to a balanced life. Someone seeking counseling may be in the early stages of their healing path or feel that they have more to unearth and explore about themselves, they are learning and understanding how their history and social conditioning impact their lives now.  Someone seeking counseling may feel like there are aspects of their life to grieve or they may feel like their life is devoid of inspiration but they have a deep subtle whisper that it is there underneath the layers of challenging life experiences and wounds.

Issues Counseling Might be a Good Fit For:

  • Trauma
  • Depression or Bipolar
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic/Terminal Illness
  • Eating Disorders Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Life Transitions
  • Bereavement/Grief and Loss
  • Integration of Spiritual or Psychedelic Experiences
  • Environmental, Animal, or Social Justice Despair

FACILITATORS: Rachelle Cornelius, Jonathan Stemer, Robyn Heydari, Solomon Buccola, Emily Snodgrass, Olivia Haglund

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Coaching that catalyzes your inspirational vision into social and environmental change.  At CSC we also believe that once healing begins and life lessons are being composted, each person has the capacity to share their unique spark. Through coaching, each person’s spark is further kindled through learning to share their unique offerings to others, their community, and the world.

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We Celebrate Your Unique Life Expression

We offer inspirational, creative, mindful opportunities with a Transpersonal and Integrative orientation to coaching to harness the most potent aspects of ourselves.  In our role as mentor or guide, we seek to support and nourish the budding gift, vision, and expression in each person’s life spark to catalyze an evolution within and an extraordinary offering of service in the world.

When to Choose Coaching

Coaching is useful for when potential, possibility, and a calling to take action takes the foreground of someone’s life the majority of the time whereas suffering is intermittent and seen as an obstacle to learn from and navigate around and is more often in the background of someone’s life and mind.  Someone seeking coaching may recognize that most aspects of their life feel in balance with each other but there is a particular area where someone would like to focus and deepen their fulfillment and offer service to the world in that area. Someone seeking coaching may be in the middle or later stages of their healing path and feel called to harvest what they have learned and share their gifts.  Someone seeking coaching may feel inspired to give back, empowered to be a changemaker, or capable of supporting others through their own challenges.

Interests Coaching Might be a Good Fit For:

  • Transmuting your life experience and gifts into an offering for others
  • Teaching or offering spiritual or meditative experiences
  • Taking action on environmental or social justice issues
  • Creating a conscious business
  • Incorporating mindfulness, somatic, movement, yoga, art, or eco therapies into your practice.
  • Private/business group or private individual meditation/mindfulness coaching.

FACILITATORS: Brenton Harris, Gillian DeBruno, Rachelle Cornelius

COST: $125 per 60 minute session (see below for packages)


Reiki is an energy practice tool that promotes stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. Reiki can be done hands on or energetically with hands just above the body but is often a combination of both. Reiki practitioners help us to understand and harmonize life force energy and how it flows through us and our lives.

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A Reiki treatment can feel very different to each person but people sometimes report feeling a warmth, a flow of energy, or experience nothing other than deep relaxation or peace and anything in between. Reiki can address healing on multiple layers of the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.


COSTS: $125 per 60 minute session (see below for packages)


Clinical hypnosis allows the receiver to quiet the “thinking” inner narrative, igniting new neural connectionsso the deeper emotional and reptilian parts of the brain. This method can help people to heal from traumatic events, anxiety, and chronic pain.

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FACILITATORS: Emily Snodgrass, Solomon Buccola

COSTS: $125 per 60 minute session (see below for packages)



Meditation practices can be described and defined in a myriad of ways usually dependent upon which tradition the practices are rooted in, however most practices point to a common unifying experience, that of Awareness. These 1-on-1 sessions include guidance and practices specific to your needs, as well as opportunities to ask questions about and assimilate your practice.

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Thich Nhat Hanh often describes mindfulness as “being aware of what is happening inside and around you in the present moment.” Mindfulness and meditation are often used synonymously, here we will use meditation to refer to a presence practice contained to sitting or standing but removed from day to day activities and mindfulness to refer to a presence practice engaged in day to day activities or sometimes referred to applied meditation or meditation in action. 

There are so many different types of mindfulness/meditation practices and somewhat different benefits depending on the practices you use. There are often a number of elements to these practices that are cultivated such as working with intention, attitude, presence, and insight as well as many layers such as working with the mind, body, heart/emotions, and external life. Some of the therapeutic benefits that we observe from mindfulness and mediation instruction and practice include cultivation of more compassoin and empathy, improved distress tolerance and adaptability to adverse circumstances, improved self-awareness and thus confidence, increased contentment in little things, improved focus and concentration, increased sense of interconnectivity, and on a physical level better regulation of the nervous system and reduced blood pressure, just to name a few.

FACILITATORS: Brenton Harris, Rachelle Cornelius

COSTS: $125 per 60 minute session (see below for packages)

Private group and corporate rates start at $150. Please email info@creativespiritcollaborative to inquire about facilitation for private groups.


Personal therapeutic ceremonial and ritual practices can help us understand and process our experiences from a symbolic, mythological, or archetypal perspective and can help bring psychological experiences more clarity in the physical realm. Often, the 5 natural elements (earth, water, fire, air, & space) will be used in our ceremonies and rituals, along with your intention and therapeutic needs.

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Ceremonies and rituals can be particularly helpful for times of transition such as a celebration of life or union or a new role, identity, or chapter of life, or for grieving of a loss or for unresolved historical, latent, or suppressed life experiences. In order to fully initiate and complete these healing ceremonies, 3 sessions are required: one to prepare, one for ceremony, and one to assimilate. 

FACILITATORS: Brenton Harris (Soul Retrieval, Elemental Purification), Emily Snodgrass (Emotional Alchemy)

COST: $350 for three 60-minute sessions



The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “to yoke” or to unify; the deeper purpose of these practices is whole-self alignment through embodied movement. Therapeutic yoga incorporates the asanas (postures typically associated with yoga in the West) with pranayama (energy and breathwork) to facilitate healing mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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Our facilitators also bring a trauma-informed approach to yoga, so that sessions safely encourage depth and release as needed. 

FACILITATORS: Emily Snodgrass, Rachelle Cornelius

COSTS: $125 per 60 minute session (see below for packages)

Private group and corporate rates start at $150. Please email info@creativespiritcollaborative to inquire about facilitation for private groups.


Drawing from ancient practices and modern research, these 1-on-1 sessions deepen both understanding and experience with breath and prana.  Depending on your needs, we’ll incorporate yogic breathing techniques, breath retention, Wim Hoff Method (WHM)-style exercises, rebirthing, and psychotropic breathwork. 

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Breathwork is integral to established yoga and meditation practices, though its benefits are truly important for anyone who desires greater health, awareness, stress-relief, presence, mental clarity, balanced energy, and restful sleep.

FACILITATORS: Brenton Harris, Rachelle Cornelius

COSTS: $125 per 60-minute individual session (see below for packages)

Private group and corporate rates start at $150. Please email info@creativespiritcollaborative to inquire about facilitation for private groups.

Explore frequently asked questions below:


We will have any materials required for your session, though you’re welcome to bring any items for comfort, including blankets, eye pillows, etc. For most (if not all) of our services, we recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that won’t impede your breathing or ability to relax. You might also consider bringing a journal to capture any insights during/after your session.


We take your health and safety seriously. We will continue to track county, state, and federal recommendations about Covid-19 precautions and respond accordingly. At this time, please note, we are honoring each person’s choice to manage their own Covid-19 risks: Masks are currently optional in our space and at our events. Please do not plan to attend in-person sessions if you have been sick with any type of symptoms or exposed to anyone who has been sick.


We strive to make our offerings available and accessible for all people. Please contact us if you have accessibility and accommodation questions.


When you sponsor someone for our groups or services, you donate to our Foundation for Alternative Healing (FAH)–the non-profit side of CSC. We utilize this pool of resources to allow people who might be experiencing financial hardship to participate in our services and participate in the healing power of community. If you’d like to contribute to someone else’s opportunity, please select “Sponsor someone” for any of our offerings above. 


If you’re experiencing financial hardship, we understand and can help you on a sliding scale basis or with sponsorship through our Foundation for Alternative Healing. Please contact us if you’re interested in attending and need creative solutions for financial assistance.