Cooperative Exchange

We are building a cooperative business model to divest ourselves from capitalist insurance administrative oversight of client’s healing journeys.  Insurance administrators who have never had any contact with the client and has minimal information about the client are often making decisions about client care based on their financial model associated with pathological diagnoses.  

The benefits of private pay include:

  • No limit on the number of visits
  • No required diagnostic labels
  • Freedom to set your own priorities and course of treatment
  • Increased confidentiality of health and medical records
  • Ability to select the professional and services best suited to your needs
  • More flexible payment options
  • No retroactive denial of claims resulting in back payments due
  • As well as no third parties making decisions about your wellbeing without ever having seen or spoken to you.

Our cooperative model will be able to include wider sliding scale options to best meet all clients needs. The Foundation for Alternative Healing will offer additional support to those in need as it becomes available through donations.  Please contact us for more information.


With all of that said, we are still currently accepting some insurance as we transition into our full cooperative exchange model.  

We currently accept:

  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • PacificSource Commercial
  • OHP PacificSource Community Solutions (we are not in network with Trillium)
  • Kaiser Permanente Pacific NW 
  • Moda
  • First Choice Health Network

Please note that we are not in network with Medicare and cannot provide insurance billing for anyone with Medicare as primary or secondary insurance.  We can only take private pay from people with Medicare.