Insurance, Payments, & a Future Coop Model


The insurance process is often sticky, overly-complicated, frustrating, and challenging to understand. We do our best to help you through the process, including offering the following information that many of us need! Please read below and see if we can answer some of your questions in advance. PLEASE NOTE: As confusing as this process can be, it is still up to you to communicate with your insurance so that you understand the details and policies of your plan. 

We currently accept the following insurance:

  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • PacificSource Commercial
  • OHP PacificSource Community Solutions (ONLY PacificSource; we are not in network with Trillium)
  • Cigna/Evernorth
  • Moda
  • Shasta Administrative Services

Unfortunately if your insurance is not listed above, we do NOT accept it (including Medicare, Kaiser, Providence, United, and Aetna). Please note that even if you have Medicare as secondary insurance, we still cannot accept your insurance and can only work with you on a private pay basis.

Important & Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copay vs. Coinsurance?

Coinsurance is a percentage of the contracted rate of the session that you will pay each session (the rate is determined by the insurance company).  Copay is a flat rate that you will owe each session (often $10 or $20).

What is a Deductible?

Your deductible is the amount you will owe before your insurance covers the cost of sessions. Sometimes services like mental healthcare allow you to waive the deductible and pay your copay instead.

Can I use my insurance for CSC groups and classes?

Clients utilizing CSC for regular therapy services may also utilize certain insurances for our group offerings. We do allow non-clients to utlilize insurance for our offerings if they have appropriate insurance and undergo an intake assessment with us ahead of time (required by the insurance companies in order to bill your insurance for our group work). Current clients may register for groups via our website; non-clients can email [email protected].

Each insurance company decides how much they’ll reimburse us for the services we offer you (and then bill the insurance). For most insurances, those reimbursements they allow for group work are lower than our cash rate (and sometimes not enough to break even). In order to support our practitioners and provide ethical, intentional experiences for our clients and community, we currently only accept OHP PacificSource and PacificSource Commercial insurance for our group offerings.

What are the risks of utilizing insurance for services?

Insurance companies are often delayed by weeks and/or months in their updates and tracking of their clients’ benefits. This means that CSC doesn’t receive notice of important things like lapsed benefits, deductible/rate changes, or policy changes that affect our ability to accept your insurance…until it’s too late. We’ll do our best to communicate these changes as soon as we discover them, but it is your reponsibility to communicate with your insurance so that you understand your benefits and any changes that may occur.  Your knowledge helps us avoid gaps in care, back-billing, and other frustrating things that occur when we rely upon insurance. We’ll do our best to help!

Do you offer cash/private-pay options?

Yes, our sliding scale cash/private-pay rate is $125-$275, depending upon your needs, life situation, and other factors. Each CSC practitioner sets their own specific rate and work with clients depending upon their capacity and schedule. Contact us if you have further questions.

Building A Better Future…

We are building a cooperative business model to divest ourselves from capitalist insurance administrative oversight of client’s healing journeys.  Insurance administrators who have never had any contact with the client and has minimal information about the client are often making decisions about client care based on their financial model associated with pathological diagnoses.  

The benefits of private pay include:

  • No limit on the number of visits
  • No required diagnostic labels
  • Freedom to set your own priorities and course of treatment
  • Increased confidentiality of health and medical records
  • Ability to select the professional and services best suited to your needs
  • More flexible payment options
  • No retroactive denial of claims resulting in back payments due
  • As well as no third parties making decisions about your wellbeing without ever having seen or spoken to you.

Our cooperative model will be able to include wider sliding scale options to best meet all clients needs. The Foundation for Alternative Healing will offer additional support to those in need as it becomes available through donations.  Please contact us for more information.