Web of life community, for the harmony of social, environmental, and existential interdependence.

At Creative Spirit Counseling we believe that everyone has unique gifts to offer the world, an innate capability for healing themselves, their community, and the environment, and personal learning life experiences along the way.  These attributes make up our meaningful life purpose which are an essential component in navigating our way toward fulfillment and Right Livelihood.

Your Unique Life Expression is Needed in the World

We offer inspirational, creative, mindful opportunities with a Transpersonal and Integrative orientation in community building groups to harness the most potent aspects of ourselves in service to our own and potentially our community’s transformation.  In our role as community or group facilitator, we encourage that all voices be heard and regarded as offering a healing insight to the community.  In community we can see all aspect of ourselves mirrored in others, we can immediately access the support of the community, and we can see our own humanity in others, the parts of ourselves that have been isolated, exiled, or shamed are able to see that others experience similar challenges and we can have others to navigate the Hero’s Journey with, the learning is exponentially deeper and more valuable than individual work.

When to Choose Community

Always!  Our community groups are a unique and essential part of our work with clients.  Humans are social creatures, wounding often happens in relationship and community is an integral part of healing that is not often incorporated.  We are seeking to evolve the field of medicine and mental health into healing where each person offers and receives gifts to and from the community-it decentralizes the counselor, healer, facilitator and acknowledges that each person has the innate healing capacity within them and something of great value to offer their community.  

Current Community Groups


Conscious Embodiment and Movement

First Friday of each month

*On hiatus during COVID quarantine*

Please join Rachelle Cornelius and our community as we explore the intersection of psychology, emotions, relationships, spirit and beyond through somatic and movement meditation and breathwork. This is a facilitated group that will weave pearls of Authentic Movement, BodyMind Centering, Continuum, and Yoga philosophy as well as threads of improvisational dance. All levels welcome.

Please bring yoga mats, pillows, eye covers, blankets, stuffed animals, balls, foam rollers, etc to use for comfort and embodiment.  There will be some yoga mats, pillows, blankets, balls, and foam rollers available for use.

By donation, no one turned away due to lack of funds. Location given upon RSVP to [email protected]


Deep Ecology, Ecopsychology, and EcoMeditation

Every Friday from 1-2pm at Morse Ranch Park

595 Crest Dr Eugene, OR We will meet at the northeast end of the parking lot next to the historical sign on the white fence in front of the house.

Being in the natural world can provide additional support and nourishment to meditation and mindfulness practices.  People who have had difficulty with meditation in the past sometimes find that nature provides a more easeful and organic pathway into meditation.  Please join Rachelle Cornelius and our community in exploring our connection to inner and outer nature through Deep Ecology, Ecopsychology, Ecological Identity inquiries, EcoMeditation, and more.  All levels welcome.

Please bring a cushion to sit on and layered clothing to keep you dry, temperature regulated, and comfortable. There will be some outdoor yoga mats available for use.

By donation, no one turned away due to lack of funds.  No registration necessary, just arrive about 5 minutes early.

*In accordance with Oregon state COVID recommendations, please note that we will be social distancing during all practices.  Please do not plan to attend if you have been sick or exposed to anyone who has been sick with any type of symptoms.*


Awakening with Nature

Every Wednesday 730-815am online livestream via Zoom

Nature offers an inherently supportive container for meditation and invites the body, mind and heart into the natural wisdom of the present moment. Morning offers stillness of mind and world that support an easeful and gentle awakening of awareness. Please join Ashley Dahl from https://openspacemindfulness.com/ in Portland and Rachelle Cornelius and our community on Wednesday mornings for guided, nature-based meditations from the comfort of your own home or favorite natural environment. Sessions may also offer brief EcoDharma talks, inquiries, or group reflections. All levels welcome.

If weather and technology cooperate, we encourage minimal attention to the screen and sitting outside or near a window, with plants, and/or with other elements from nature.

By donation, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. You will be sent a link to join the Zoom call and given info on where to donate upon registration.