Coaching that catalyzes your inspirational vision into social and environmental change.

At CSC we also believe that once healing begins and life lessons are being composted, each person has the capacity to share their unique spark.  Through coaching, each person’s spark is further kindled through learning to share their unique offerings to others, their community, and the world.  

We Celebrate Your Unique Life Expression

We offer inspirational, creative, mindful opportunities with a Transpersonal and Integrative orientation to coaching to harness the most potent aspects of ourselves.  In our role as mentor or guide, we seek to support and nourish the budding gift, vision, and expression in each person’s life spark to catalyze an evolution within and an extraordinary offering of service in the world.

When to Choose Coaching

Coaching is useful for when potential, possibility, and a calling to take action takes the foreground of someone’s life the majority of the time whereas suffering is intermittent and seen as an obstacle to learn from and navigate around and is more often in the background of someone’s life and mind.  Someone seeking coaching may recognize that most aspects of their life feel in balance with each other but there is a particular area where someone would like to focus and deepen their fulfillment and offer service to the world in that area. Someone seeking coaching may be in the middle or later stages of their healing path and feel called to harvest what they have learned and share their gifts.  Someone seeking coaching may feel inspired to give back, empowered to be a changemaker, or capable of supporting others through their own challenges.

Interests Coaching Might be a Good Fit For:

*Transmuting your life experience and gifts into an offering for others

*Teaching or offering spiritual or meditative experiences

*Taking action on environmental or social justice issues

*Creating a conscious business

*Incorporating mindfulness, somatic, movement, yoga, art, or eco therapies into your practice.

*Private/business group or private individual meditation/mindfulness coaching.

The Process

Our journey together will begin with a comprehensive evaluation of all of the important pieces of you life which we call the Healing Evolution Mandala.  We will explore what aspects of your life feel satisfying and 1-2 areas you would like to develop more. We will use that as a map to guide our collaborative journey together to choose which directions we head in and what approaches we use that would best support each person’s interests and intentions for the fulfillment of their purpose.  In addition to a more traditional verbal/cognitive coaching approach, we also holding a transpersonal framework and intuitively use art, the wisdom of the body, movement/yoga/dance, music, poetry/writing, animals, and nature as collaborators in accessing healing, wisdom, and guidance along the journey toward fulfillment and service.