Welcoming Gillian DeBruno

Please help us to welcome Gillian DeBruno to Creative Spirit Collaborative!🌈🌟 Gillian offers holistic coaching and Reiki sessions which may include practices such as breathwork, awareness, embodiment, mindfulness, intuition attunement, as well as dynamic family coaching. Gillian has many years of experience working as a therapist supporting individuals, children, and families in […]

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Welcoming Becca Perry

Please help us to welcome Becca Perry to Creative Spirit Collaborative!💖 Becca has years of experience in facilitating healing and growth with individuals, couples, families, and communities through Naka Ima, Heart of Now, and Hakomi, and is currently participating in Somatic Experiencing training among many other resources she has to offer clients. […]

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What does Creative Spirit Collaborative mean?

The name Creative Spirit Collaborative was chosen to represent the healing capacity of each person’s own creativity. The unique heart spark within each person is integrated with community, all of which is essential to healing and evolution.  Initially we started out as Creative Spirit Counseling when it was just Rachelle […]

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