Who does Creative Spirit Collaborative work with?

Anyone who resonates with our approaches and are called to follow a life path less traveled and more adventurous…

*Heart centered change makers, visionaries, entrepreneurs

*Empaths, intuitives, healers

*Artists, musicians, dancers, actors, writers

*Environmental or social justice advocates

*Spiritual or sacred psychedelic explorers

*We honor a diversity of life experiences and support compassionate inclusion of all abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, multicultural world views, ethnicity, race, spiritual views, just to name a few…BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Lives Matter.

How is Creative Spirit Collaborative different?

*We focus on the Art of Healing rather than diagnosis and eradication of pathology/disease.

*Healing the negative impacts of limiting social/cultural conditioning or trauma on the psyche (body, mind, spirit) is primarily an artistic and mystical rather than exclusively a medical endeavor.

*We believe creativity, inspiration, generosity, kindness, diversity, art, embodiment, movement, dance, music, mythology, poetry, mindfulness, community, and kinship with nature and animals are some of the most powerful healing experiences available to humans.

*We offer a Transpersonal and Integrative healing approach. In addition to the more traditional mental, emotional, physical aspects of self, we seek to incorporate spirit and all other aspects of a person’s life that are also essential to healing.

*We work with alternative healing modalities and incorporate other types of healing relationships such as meditation, mindfulness, expressive arts (painting, drawing, poetry, writing, music, movement/dance), yoga, animal supported therapy, and nature based/ecotherapy to help a person access inspiration for evolutionary life changes.

*We offer a collaborative model of healing rather than a reductionist medical model.  We are developing collaborative community of practitioners that can meet a wide array of participants needs and consult with each other about all aspects of participant’s healing.  We are also developing a  co-op payment model to facilitate autonomy from the medical model and insurance dictated treatment.

*We advocate community group healing adventures to help participants connect more deeply with each other and the planet for primary healing and consciousness evolution.  We recommend individual counseling or coaching as adjunctive tools for healing.

*We have a non-profit, Foundation for Alternative Healing, to expand and support alternative types of healing services and expand access to alternative healing services.