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About CSC

Why choose Creative Spirit Collaborative?

Who does Creative Spirit Collaborative work with?

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At CSC we believe that everyone has a unique spark to discover within themselves, an innate capability for healing, and personal lessons from life experiences to discover along the way.  These components make up our meaningful life purpose which are essential in navigating our way out of suffering.

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At CSC we also believe that once healing begins and life lessons are being composted, each person has the capacity to share their unique spark. Through coaching, each person’s spark is further kindled through sharing their unique offerings to others, their community, and the world.  

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We offer inspirational, creative, mindful opportunities with a Transpersonal and Integrative orientation in community building groups to harness the most potent aspects of ourselves in service to our own and potentially our community’s transformation.

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Current Community Groups and Retreats

Awakening with Nature

Nature offers an inherently supportive container for meditation and invites the body, mind and heart into the natural wisdom of the present moment. Morning offers stillness of mind and world that support an easeful and gentle awakening of awareness. Please join Rachelle Cornelius and Ashley Dahl on Wednesday mornings for guided, nature-based meditations from the comfort of your own home or favorite natural environment.  By donation.

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Deep Ecology, Ecopsychology, and EcoMeditation

Being in the natural world can provide additional support and nourishment to meditation and mindfulness practices.  People who have had difficulty with meditation in the past sometimes find that nature provides a more easeful and organic pathway into meditation.  Please join Rachelle Cornelius Friday afternoons in exploring our connection to inner and outer nature.  By donation.

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Half-day EcoMeditation Retreat

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    Welcoming Gillian DeBruno

    Please help us to welcome Gillian DeBruno to Creative Spirit Collaborative!🌈🌟 Gillian offers holistic coaching and Reiki sessions which may include practices such as breathwork, awareness, embodiment, mindfulness, intuition attunement, as well as dynamic family coaching. Gillian has many years of experience working as a therapist supporting individuals, children, and families in […]

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  • January 24, 2020

    What does Creative Spirit Collaborative mean?

    The name Creative Spirit Collaborative was chosen to represent the healing capacity of each person’s own creativity. The unique heart spark within each person is integrated with community, all of which is essential to healing and evolution.  Initially we started out as Creative Spirit Counseling when it was just Rachelle […]

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